Facebook Advertising

If you do not have a big list or following just yet, the easiest and quickest way to get started as an affiliate is by promoting via Facebook Ads Its scalability potential and advanced targeting make it one of the BEST advertising platforms today.

More than two billion people use Facebook every month, so no
matter what your target audience is, you will find it there! 

Facebook can be a bit strict when it comes to approving Ads for new accounts, so here are some VERY important recommendations to make the Ad approval process as easy as possible:

  • Direct linking to a health offer (i.e. sending potential customers directly to our video sales page) can be a bit tricky on Facebook. So we strongly recommend creating a landing page/bridge page (preferably a ‘dedicated .com domain’) that directs to your affiliate link.
  • Make sure to NOT over-promise things, or to make specific guarantees or claims, in your ad copy and
    landing page.
  • Try and get some likes to your Facebook Fan Page, with a little bit of engagement (i.e. make posts, reply to any comments posted by your followers, etc.) before scaling your ads. This “warms up” your account and helps with compliance.
  • Make sure to include Privacy, Disclaimer, and Contact pages in the footer of your landing page.
  • It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to maintain good “Ad Scent” – which is the link between your Facebook ads and our sales page. Your ad and landing page (bridge page) should feel similar to our sales page –  there needs to be congruency.

If you’d like further information on how to stay away from creating low-quality FB ads, CLICK HERE.


Now, to guarantee a high CTR (click through rate), the most CRUCIAL part of your Ads will be the image.  You want a visually appealing illustration that catches people’s attention and stops them from scrolling down; it needs to peak curiosity and spark emotions! You need your audience to want to figure out what’s going on and learn more about what you are promoting.

We have created the following super awesome images for you – they are already having GREAT success on Facebook! Feel free to use and test them all!


You can also use these images as a reference to create your own – original content always wins!  If you do not have the skills to create high quality images, we recommend you to hire someone off of Fiverr.